Curators GRT token release

1 min readMar 16, 2021

As the release day approaches, many Curators from The Graph testnet seek for instructions on how to release tokens from their vesting contracts.

How to release tokens to your beneficiary wallet.

Every unlock you will be able to release 1/16 of your initial contract amount. To be able to release tokens you have to have your tokens available on your contract, e.g. returned from delegation.


1st unlock of GRT tokens is scheduled to happen on March 19, 00:30 UTC time.

How to:

There are two options (just would like to share all options available, but result will be the same)

Option 1:

  1. Go to<your locked contract>#writeContract. * Example:(
  2. Connect with Metamask (beneficiary)
  3. Find function Release()
  4. Click “Write”


Watch out gas and transaction price.

Option 2:

Using GRASSETS-TECH The Graph Protocol — How to Delegate your GRT

  1. Go through steps 1–7
  2. On step 8 — use function Release()


Watch out gas and transaction price.