Happy Birthday The Graph !!!

2 min readDec 19, 2021


One year ago, The Graph was launched on the Ethereum network. With a mission, that is very simple to understand, but difficult to realise. To index all public blockchain data — to become a new Google for the Web3.0.

A year ago, we wrote about tremendous growth in queries from 1 to 10 billion per month in just four month. Just look at it today :)

This is incredible ! Congratulation to The Graph team! Happy first birthday!!!

We are overwhelmingly proud to be part of The Graph community and provide indexing service to the growing Web3.0 ecosystem. The community as strong and cohesive as no other! The community build to succeed!

To celebrate The Graph anniversary, we decided to devote next week to the community!

Starting today and for the whole next week, we will be giving away all our rewards to our delegators!

We set Query Fee Cut and Indexer Rewards Cut to 0% on our both indexers grasses-tech-1 и grasses-tech-2 to provide the best APY!

Sincerely yours,

Grassets Tech