The Graph Network. One month on the mainnet.

2 min readJan 17, 2021



17 January 2021

Month ago, at the EPOCH 4, The Graph Network mainnet went live. grassets-tech team, among few other indexers has joined the mainnet at the very start. We are fully synched, 100% uptime and earning rewards since the EPOCH 5.

Total GRT staked into the network is 1.4 billion and this gives every staked token 21.43% APY in the form of Indexing rewards. There is one subgraph being curated, which provides every indexer with the same rewards per allocated GRT. The amount of query traffic is still insignificant.

Our own gross performance, not discounting costs associated with being an indexer, to-date is 39.32%. This represents of an average performance of the both indexers we run.

Speaking of Delegators earnings, we congratulate those who joined us at the start and now can celebrate their first month as well!!! We are very pleased to announce the rate of return for our first delegators, who stayed for a full month with us, is 34.58% APY.

With only one subgraph curated is relatively easy and very straightforward to be an indexer on The Graph Network, similarly it is very cost efficient as well. However we expect this to change during next month or so. As more subgraphs are deployed on mainnet, and as curation will be fully enabled, life within The Graph Network will start to be very dynamic and excited. We will see some indexer’s performance to drop while others will boost. The cost of being an indexer will rise as there will be more ethereum burned on transactions as well as more compute instances to be deployed to provide indexing and query processing.

Watch this space!

Just to remind you, our rewards and fees cuts on grassets-tech-1 are locked until late April 2021. Please do your own calculations as advised in the official guide

On our grassets-tech-2 indexer, the cuts are indicative. We do calculations for you and adjusting reward cuts to ensure charges on delegation earnings do not exceed 20%.