The Graph Protocol — How to Delegate your GRT

4 min readJan 13, 2021


It is almost four weeks since The Graph network Mainnet went life on the 17 December 2020. There is nearly 1.4B GRT tokens staked to the protocol. Network inflation reward is 3% per year which currently provide APY of 21.74%. There is still only PoolTogether subgraph is being curated, and very little query, which makes it simple enough to understand how much rewards to expect from staking.

The Graph team has recently published a Delegation Guide to educate community on risks and considerations involved as well as video guide on how to delegate your GRT tokens using Network BETA dApp. The official guide is very clear and almost any user will not find difficulties in the delegation process, however if Delegator’s tokens are locked on a vested contract, unfortunately Network BETA dApp does not provide direct option to delegate.

How to Delegate GRT from vesting contract ?

If you don’t know you vesting contract address just yet, you can use following query to check it directly from The Graph API:

tokenLockWallets(where: {beneficiary: "<YOUR_ETH_ADDRESS>"}) {
  1. Make sure Metamask extension is installed in your browser and Beneficiary address of your Vesting Contract is connected. If experiencing issues using Ledger, this article may help.
  2. Open Remix in your browser, with Metamask extension installed, and press “plus” button to create new file.

2. Enter a new file name “TockenUnlock.abi”and press OK.

3. Open new window/tab in your browser and go to

4. Copy ALL and paste into the TokenLockWallet.abi file which was created at step 2. (605 lines of code )

5. Click to Deploy & run transactions and select Injected Web3 ENVIRONMENT menu.

6. Paste the vesting contract address and press “At Address”

7. Click on deployed contracts, check the balance and copy the balance value.

8. Click approve protocol and wait for transaction to mined.

9. Go to Delegate function and expand the section.

10. Insert indexer address from the Network BETA dApp, amount of GRT in the format copied from CurrentBalance function (step 7) and click “transact”.

_tokens in WEI format = GRT amount E+18

grassets-tech has two indexers available for delegations:

grassets-tech-1 0x45874192929530cd4e3dd0624df05bee3c13974f

This indexer has Fee Cut and Rewards Cut locked until late April 2021. Effective fees on delegation are dynamic and depend on amount of delegated GRT.

grassets-tech-2 0x720a98087160bfdb282f695abe6f9ac966b03d43

This indexer has indicative Fee Cut and Rewards Cut. On this indexer we do calculations for you and adjusting reward cuts to ensure charges on delegation earnings does not exceed 20%.

If you select one of our indexers, you can track your rewards and up-to-date personal rewards (most accurate just after allocation is closed)using our dashboard here. is a joint venture between like minded, long term oriented, Testnet Indexers. Please stay tuned or reach out to or